We make the 0.8 cm wingnut

that goes at the obtuse angle

of the mechanical arm that sits

at the corner of the conveyer

belt (we do not make that) that

carries in 12 oz glass bottles at

a reliable 1.3 m/s to be filled by

the brass spigot of the mechanical

arm (we do not make that either)

with beer from the 1000 gallon

fermenter (we do not make that)

that goes into the esophagus of

a man (we do not make that) at

an average rate of 84 gallons/day

give or take and makes him mean

and sometimes he gives his high

school sweetheart who is also his

wife a pretty good wallop or two

/day and he used to give reasons

(we do not make those) but now he

doesn’t really bother because they

sounded psychotic anyway and so

that’s pretty much what we do, that

wingnut, and we’re proud of it, we

can get you a catalog if you want.