Oh no, no no no, this was not some sort of desperate salvo,

not that I have never made attempts of this sort in the past,

locking eyes across the frigid wasteland, but this is not one

of them, I like to think my naivete has gone the way of my

regular use of colored pencils and Mountain Dew.


Oh no, no no no, this time I just looked up because the airport

intercom went off with a clear directional origin behind your head,

call it instinct, an urgent human need to visually interface with

these gods that address, tell us our silver Toyotas are sleeping

with their eyes open.


Oh no, no no no, this one was just me checking to see if you

had noticed the last two, and since you clearly did, I’ll just

look away quickly now.


Oh no, no no no, but now that I think about it, you really are

quite the looker.