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night run

my shadow’s name is Daddy Long Legs
and he don’t even miss you cause
he’s black white simple twisting ankles
making origami panic four ways
conflict of the stadium light brigade


(remember this was not his idea
he has his pant leg stuck in the car door)


that will go out soon cause sometimes
it’s too night not to be murdered
and have no person bat an eye or bat
person and I out running when Daddy
disappears but no he does not disappear


(your eyes no longer make the rules
in this asthmatic cavalcade of feet)


see Daddy don’t even miss you cause
that’s not why he’s running starken
darkly running from me to me tied shoe
to shoe me always rhythmic reaching
grabbing seeking breathing take my heart


Glory 2

When, due to a rather gratuitous typographical

error, your church youth basketball team is enrolled

in the St. Matthew’s Invitational advent tournament

as “The Lightening”, please do try to put a positive

spin on things. Let these vandals and vagabonds

really feel the words of John 8:12 for once, reminded

of the hope inside this national program. See, it never

had to be a lie to begin with, never just a flash of royal

purple coursing cloud to cloud, unyielding black veins,

fervent with a desire to return to the beating heart above.


Orr, to think that one day you may

no longer be known as highest scoring

defenceman in history is strange to me.


Orr, imagine the day when you are gone,

reduced only to “Bruins great (3)”, or

“Rink legend Bobby (3)”, lost amidst

the wreckage of time until you are pulled

into a black and white linguistic cage.


Orr, I suppose it could be worse, myself

lacking even that much fame, and far too

encumbered by irksome consonants.