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two lovers diverge in a yellow wood

and I get down to the business

of hunting mushrooms and kismet

all underneath the rusted out hood

of an abandoned Cadillac’s bent grimace


then strip off all my fraying clothes

and toss them creasing over tree branches

bend down and crawl among the rooted trenches

spiking holes for new planting in the wake of toes

while squeezing dirt until each finger blanches


my love will call for me but I am too far gone

to hear an idling engine buzz like bees–

that could be voice cascading through the trees

yet if that were her it’s sure that I’d have known

it was not just the crickets’ theremin on the breeze


my love will search for me and find just rags

like the Caddy cast aside I am out of place but home

inside a cave where I will turn to bones

this is my face imprinted on the crags

I am not lost although I am alone


Low Places

After she leaves for good, the excavators

will work with even greater ferocity, excited

by their first scent of dark, jugular oil.


Razor tools will fumble blindly in the dark,

searching for the fading ruby glow, lost

amongst the veins of rich, breathing

mahogany that only a bitter nose of

whiskey competes with in the lungs.


Once the first scars are weeping across

the earth, the only way to make them go

away is to dig down everything around them,

deep to that hungry inner Triassic soil–


–it’s the only way the foreman is willing to try, at least.