The word is distraction, a very important word

to us pop-up advertisement windows, sort of like

mot juste, justice, juste-ice, now there’s a flexible

ideal, but anyway, to get back to the self-serving

here, one surmises that such a very important word

is actually a pretty basic prefix-based gig, like a mix,

like dis-traction, dis_traction, not having traction,

slipping horribly into LSD rabbit holes, slipping, now

there’s a bon mot, boneyard bon mot, there’s a play

with some potential even if it’s ultimately a vacuous

little nothing in its current form, sorry about the whole

tangential thought process, thinks keep popping up

and one is helpless but to let one’s mouth just pop

right open, where was I, right, one surmises that one

is losing one’s footing, each cannonball from nowhere

taking out another brick, pretty soon a million blinding

outsides will ooze through every crack in concentration

and eat the brain alive, that’s what we here pop-up ads

were trying to say, that’s where the word comes from.