Or, you could tie me up with some string,

not tie me up tie me up but there is a sort of

up-down, above-below dynamic to the whole

thing, I’ve got marionettes on the brain here,

like, the string would certainly have to be strong

enough to maintain the weight of my body, or like,

at least one limb’s worth per string, but if you went

with choice B there you’d have to have a, you know,

auxiliary string to make sure everything stayed more

or less balanced tied around my neck or something,

anyway, then you could make me dance around but

also control each limb individually, like sweep my

right arm forward and across in a sort of anachronistic

bow, the kids would fuckin’ love it and the symbolism

might be a little too on-the-nose for some of them, but

I think you’d really just have to try it to know for sure

how anybody would react, it’d be one hell of a unique

ceremony, that’s for sure, bet they’d remember me then…