I am the landlord, the lord of the land,

call me not lessor, I am greator, indeed,

you are lessor, lessee, you are but a messy

lessee and I am a lord, seignor de manor,

licensed victualler, not vindictive when

I threaten to evict you, messy lessee,

last but not least did you even read your

lease, narcissistic personality is no disorder

for a lord laying orders to the hoarders,

the messy lessees less than me be this ain’t

free, see, you’ll see no peace nor piece of

your security fees when you’re a messy

lessee with a landlord lord like me, full

of insecurities, lord of the land and you

will pay by coin or hand a tribute to this

great man, this landlord, this wild, sexual,

mighty, fantastic, wonderful lord of the land.