girl lemme film it, come on girl, lemme film it,

i know you think it like all creepy and gross

and maybe just a little bemusing  but i wanna

film it, i don’t even know why i all like wanting to

film it, let me catch my breath, they say you take

a picture it lasts longer, nothing lasts forever but

pictures are close, i wanna take drugs, i wanna take

drugs with you and film it, let’s film it, lemme film it,

i wanna film it like eyes aren’t enough, i already heard

they symbols, my eyes are symbols but they just not

enough, creepy voyeur brain that points and possesses

but loses, creepy voyeur brain holds sand, wants to film

it, film the sand, creepy and gross and permanent, lemme

frame it on the wall, girl, i can’t explain it, maybe it’s evolution

it’s not evolution, this is all my fault, lemme film it, c’mon