Greenboy sez you don’t got to listen to your folks no more

on account of he is from the future and also from outer space

and so he knows these things. Greenboy sez you only afraid

of leaving behind your family cause you ain’t seen a better

one yet. Greenboy sez they got better ones in space and so

if you walk through that door there where you pretty sure

your closet usedta be and now it looks all Christmas lights,

you can go to space and won’t never be scared again. Greenboy

sez you can be green too and you pretty much believe cause

you never seen somebody so green and he probably knows

better than anybody else about green. Greenboy sez your dog

can come but your big brother best stay. Greenboy sez you’ll

only cry for a little while, but Greenboy ain’t got a heart, he

showed you already, so you ain’t too sure he knows all about

that part. Greenboy sez it’s time to go and he got long fingers

and they sez the same thing with curving towards that closet

door. Greenboy sez he’s gonna be gone in the morning either

way, and you all had this conversation before over and over,

and don’t you ever wonder if you don’t be making the wrong

choice, staying under the covers that turn useless and all see

thru with the glow. Greenboy sez he’s going now, but he’ll see

you soon, maybe tomorrow night if he ain’t too busy and all.