No, no, no, I get it is all I’m saying,

I just don’t think he’s such a bad guy,

right, because I don’t really think it’s

about the violence for him, or the sex,

the biting all up and down pretty young

necks taut and quivering like bowstrings,

I mean, that sounds good and all, but

really don’t you think it’s just about

life in the end, and come on, like you’re

planning on dying, like you wouldn’t do

whatever it took to prolong your life,

grow up, enlighten yourself or you’ll just

be partying down in neon corners with

Count Dracula and his cadre of blood-

loving necrophiliacs, you’ll just keep

on seeing what life you can glean from

your victims of natural selection that

you lovingly arrange on a series of hooks

beside your fireplace, that’s you, don’t

get down on the count, that’s you too,

the vampire, just sucking and sucking and sucking…