Oh my God, I remember Marcel,

back in the high school French

exchange student program, boy,

I sure did act like an asshole then,

oh my God, he must construe such

assholery as a part of American

culture and not just me being an

asshole, a-and he actually sort of

liked me, he must have gone back

to France and acted like an asshole

and when they asked him why he

was asking like an asshole he must

have said it was all the rage in America,

oh my God, and now he acts like an

asshole to other Americans and they

just think the French are all assholes,

oh Marcel, oh my God, and now when

he comes back to visit this week and

acts like an asshole to honor my own

assholery, well, what am I to do but

act like an asshole myself, who even

invented this awful hermeneutical feedback

loop, what an asshole, I bet he was French.