This is a story about a guy on stage

at this open mic night I used to go to

fumbling this poem-y song all like I

don’t neeeeeeeeeed nobody all over

the stage and it didn’t even rhyme

it was like watching this skinny guy

masturbate and of course we all

loved it we all were going bananas

I was going completely bananas all

like snap snap snap Bra-fucking-

vissimo it like touched me man on

account of I don’t neeeeeeed nobody

either although I gotta say it’s a nice

luxury at times I guess I just wish

he could have gotten that idea into

that poem-y song cause it wouldn’t

even have been that hard anyway

since the thing didn’t rhyme like just

sort of clip it on the end like a tumor

or some such thing but he didn’t do

that whatever it’s his thing at any rate