I suppose I just don’t understand

what I am supposed to get out of

writing all of these poems, what

is the takeaway, the big idea, what’s

in it for me, how do I know that I

am superior to, for example, you,

there is a pretty serious cost-benefit

analysis at play here and I am losing,

you should be losing, after all, you’re

wasting your time reading poetry,

why don’t you go do something with

some takeaways, why don’t I go do

something with some takeaways, I

wish I knew what the takeaway was

here, is this frivolous, this is frivolous,

there’s got to be some sort of contract

we can draw up, for chrissakes, are you

still here, go do something, this is why

we’re losing to the Chinese, are you

Chinese, I’m sorry if that was offensive,

but whoever you are, can’t you go do some

math or chemistry or physics or something?