Joe says he doesn’t believe in karma,

it is what it is, Joe says that a lot because

he hears other people say that a lot, and

the no duh simplicity appeals to him, “it

is what it is”, in this case the pronoun

referring to the fact that Joe is limping

right now because he fell of a mountain,

at the time he was on top of that mountain

to smoke some weed and dream about

girls other than the one he is currently

seeing, he doesn’t treat her too well, you

know, picture that, no, not the way he treats

her, picture the scene, I mean, that’s exactly

what Joe said, “I fell off a mountain”, and that

was the end of it, we never really spoke about

it again, but here I am almost thinking of it

like the sun was raw molten gold dripping

down onto Joe’s greedy skull, making him

heavy, so heavy, until finally, shit yeah, who

wouldn’t fall of a mountain, straight off, like

a shooting star going to seed in those lonely

Adirondacks, it was OK though, his cousin

drove him to the hospital pretty soon after

that in the back of his rusted out Chevy pickup,

now he’s OK except for the limp, it is what it is.