so i says to Merlin we have to break up

we can’t keep living like this and she says

(yeah, she, i’m dating a girl named Merlin,

may as well get it all out of your system now)

and she says


“I know”


and i’m like just what the hell do you mean

you know and it occurs to me that she’s kind

of right since she’s living through her life’s

timeline in a backwards kind of fashion, but

come on Merlin, is there any hope for us when

you fuckin’ act like that, all vague and pointed

and she says


“You’ll have to wait and see”


and oh that just drives me up a fuckin’ wall, Merlin,

i says, i’m through with your shit, and she interjects


“You’re not”


and now i’m just, man, i’m just ballistic, you shoulda

seen it, throwing papers off the table, heaving her potted

echinacea which she (of course) dodges barely thinking

about it, like she knew it was coming, and that’s it, i’m gone,

Merlin, huh, what does your smart ass have to say to that,

and she says


“Try to remember this when we’re married next July”


and i’m like oh, you living backwards still, you seeing the future,

well we’ll just see about that, we’ll just see what happens next july

goddammit, and i storm out and she says


“We will”