the ants, they can’t, the ants, the ants,

they would if they could but they can’t,

the ants, no sense of ant-title-mant, not

the ants, not like man, these ants, they’re

strong, these ants, they’re small but they’re

strong and they care, these ants, they care

for the victims of circumstance, the ants

under concrete in northern France, the ants:

subjugated  but dance and dance, the victims

don’t look like the ants, no man, not the ants,

not the ants, not the ants, this trance, these

ants, this trance, this six-legged monosyllabic

rant– on ants, the ants, ant aunts, some aunts,

some aunts, who smoke in their sweatpants

and rant and dance, no ifs, no ands, these ant

aunts of ants, at night time they eat all the leaves

off our plants, they don’t bother with any recomp-ants,

it’s their world as soon is it turns vac-ant, the ants,

the ants, who said they can’t, if we leave or don’t they’ll

still win the land, they’ll build an ant-tation with ant-y

manse, they’ll make us their slaves while they have

ants romance, the ants, they’ll win, these ants, the ants