I’m not angry I’m not I’m not

it’s totally rational that you would

be remembered after all you are


I suppose you were the earliest

domestic animal whose name we

have on record and it’s pretty

humbling to imagine you leaping

up and down the great pyramids

in like 2000 BC Egypt or whatever

I’m not angry I’m not but it’s nerve

wracking to even imagine this you

know process of historical priority

because you are like I said a BIG

DEAL but that doesn’t make me any

less nauseous to realize that I could

go to any library and read about you

and imagine your life of running and

hunting and I cannot remember even

the sound of my grandfather’s voice

and they don’t make microfilms for

that sort of thing so yeah I just wish

I could be preserved forever in my

tomb instead of lost to even that most

curious researcher’s searching heart