Aha, there is a positive side

to my alter-ego after all, that’s

good, it helps to refocus in

the wake of serious trauma,

not to mention the fact that

they’re tearing down all the

phone booths in the city,

where’s a guy supposed to

reveal the big red “R” on his

chest these days anyhow, but

yeah, I had to have my face

amputated and replaced with

dull, depressed rhetoric, been

rehabbing the injury for twenty-

three years now, all my conver-

sations have had the vowels

removed and replaced with

lies and insults, I feel like a

brain tumor, but hey, the positive

part, let’s get to that, everything

is as clear as the ice I want

to fall through each March, we know

who ruined it, we have a creation

myth for every failing, somebody

call Alvarez, I think I have a few

ideas I could tell the world about

who killed off all them dinosaurs…