We-heh-helllllll, will you just take a look at this ambitious

bastard right here, that there is a biggish earthworm who has

travelled a long way from home, in fact to right in the middle of

the bicycle lane, it makes you think, because damn, that bicycle

lane gets buses on one side, couple of lanes of cars on the other,

it’s like: how did that darned earthworm even get in there, it bespeaks

a sort of devil-may-care attitude that must be fundamentally incompatible

with the idea that this earthworm who was once a small earthworm even has

the general acumen and sense of self-preservation to become an earthworm of

such biggish stature as we see before us, like, as in, how was not run over when

he was still young, Darwinian abortion, I think they’ve got no brains, but even they

must still have enough nervous system to be nervous, and gosh, it would be tempting

as a human to find some deeper meaning vis-à-vis this earthworm’s doomed position, but

I feel like I’m better than that tonight, I won’t take the bait, the live nightcrawler, of course

seriously you’ve got to be wondering by now about what issues of blindness and perspective we

too must deal with as the tires whizz by and hold our gravel trek to a straight line with the promise

of getting gnawed to bits by treads and friction, oops here I go getting carried away again, but would

you look at that damned earthworm, man, that’s really something, huh?