–Well, uh, this is a surprise.


–It’s just, there’s really a great deal more, you know, negative space here than I envisioned.


–Erm, did you like, run out of them or something?


–Well, for example right there, the south wall of the foyer.


–Oh, “patchy” is far too generous a word.


–Yes, I know what their intended purpose is!


–For Chrissakes, I’m using them now, aren’t I!?!


–To convey emotion, excitement, and/or arousal!






–I’ll attenuate your effect, you son of a bitch!


–You’re being dramatic.


–All I’m saying is watch the accusatory tone with which you’re currently speaking to me.


–Oh, crying Wolfe now, are you? See where that gets you.


–These walls will be full of meaning soon enough, you’ll see, I’ll show you!