well uh actually you see officer the thing is

i was driving pretty much more or less normally

when the very road in front of me became…


a mobius strip!

i am fully sober as your breathalyzer indicated

but it is difficult to drive on a one-sided solid

especially when your life is in turmoil and your

mouth tastes like hickory smoke and sadness

and really i probably could have even handled


the mobius strip under different circumstances


(i am an excellent driver)

but i’ve been feeling overwhelmed it’s just been hard

lately to stay afloat among the reeds

life is turning strange and vertical


and now this mobius strip what a run of rotten luck

the point

is that i don’t think it is fair to say that i was being unsafe

(life is unsafe)

i would really appreciate it

i would really appreciate it if you could just let me off with

a warning

and officer be careful the road is a mobius strip up ahead

(just looking out for you)