Little eyes, but it’s the relative amount of width

there, not the overall size that counts, that makes

you want to saunter on inside and plant a tap-

dancing cockroach for a role model, so naive

to trust you, trust you, man, they should know

better, they’re practically asking for it and that’s

no doubt how the courts will see it, provided you

have the good sense to wait until the creature

is at least 14 to start in with the same old shit,

l-let’s you and me get good and drunk, buddy,

and you go out in the backyard and dig for a while

through the fossils and fumes of some old Dewar’s

looking for dragonflies caught in amber prisons

that you will never find, blaming the Chinese for

just about everything, and to think (think!) one day

soon these will be what we call the good memories,

well, well, that reminds me, son, did I ever tell you…