Attention! Did you know? Attention! Trinidad and Tobago

have the most diverse population of snakes in the entire

Caribbean! That’s 47 species of snakes! Holy shit! Here

is what it would look like if you encountered all 47 of them

hanging out together:




Wow, that is awful! Attention! Or, as they say in the official

language of the islands, “attention”! Do not go there for your

honeymoon; there are snakes! Did you know? They have one

called the Yellow Machete! And another called simply El

Tigro! In other words, these are not your average bullshit

suburban-ass snakes! Stay away from Trinidad and Tobago!


Attention! What? What qualifies me to deliver this valuable

public service to unsuspecting Caribbean travelers? I read

about these snakes on the Internet! There are 47 different

kinds of snakes in Trinidad and also in Tobago! I do not know

about the prevalence on each individual island, but do you really

want to chance it? Of course not! Attention! I’m warning you!

I declare myself qualified to warn you! This is your culture

now! Attention! There are all these snakes all over the place!