(My love)

Did you know lonely was a two

man game, that you may never

understand the rings of Saturn

as I have, eyeballs dripping into

the dark oppressive beyond?


(Wherever you are)

These scabs that sheathe my body

have never felt so like desert countries,

boiling with hostilities just beneath the–


(Whatever you are)

I shall, I will dare to be reborn with pride

and star-shaped sunglasses.


(Don’t lose faith)

I have held you so many times in sleep

with nothing between the two of us, mixed

lazily in with the reminiscence of flight, yes,

we will never know if they are cumulonimbus

or fresh snow until our timid toes reach out.


(I know it’s gonna happen someday)

No hurt is without its nobler aspirations.


(To you)

Maybe if I put the words to music it would

still sound like our old sugar maple.