I wanna mouth fulla smooth river stones
so’s I can chomp up sticks an pine needles
I wanna bowla sweet yeller paint flakes in D fortified milk
I got a oral fixation, Jesus  was a Jujube and I cannibalize
everbody’s worst idears an I think maybe I wanna drink
up the ocean till nothing  but desert’s left
an when my teeth are all fell outta
my head I ain’t gonna worry me none
I’m gonna just keep on eating whatever anbody
put in fronta me, gum it up like a earthworm
like chew up dirt til I make a hole in the ground
what people can squat over the open mouth
an you know what happen next anyway
won’t trouble me none cause I wanna devour
the moon an a planet an some comets
an like little people lemmings to jump
over my throat cliff and go rattlin down below
real loud and maybe they even keep talkin
down there with their “eat this, eat that”
an I guess that’s why I need to like chew
my way through the walls, swallow a escape hole
an maybe the drywall an cement can trickle
down my gullet grave an bury them all
dead or alive til all that tellin finally stops
(Originally written 2/28/12)